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  • Cà de Anna

    Calasetta (Sant'Antioco Island) SW Sardinia

    Typical Tabarkinis’ fishermen’s holiday house on the sea, perfectly located

    250sq meters3Baths7+1Beds1Parking
  • Cà Martini

    Carloforte (San Pietro Island) SW Sardinia

    Typical Tabarkini holiday house to rent  in the very heart

    80sq meters2Baths4Beds
  • Cà du Giacomo

    Calasetta (Sant'Antioco Island) SW Sardinia

    The holiday apartment has independent entrance and is located in the upper tip of

    80sq meters2Baths4Beds
  • Cà du Giampiero

    Calasetta (Sant'Antioco Island) SW Sardinia

    The holiday house is an independent portion of a villa located

    70sq meters1Baths4Beds2Parking

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