Choose a beach … but where to start?

No question that one of the most common reasons for taking a trip to Sardinia is the beauty of its sea and beaches.

The island of Sant’Antioco has gorgeous ones and there are more all around it, on the island of San Pietro and in the gulf of Palmas, as well as on the western coast of Sulcis Iglesiente.

We particularly love Spiaggia Sottotorre, La Salina and Spiaggia Grande in Calasetta.

Sottotorre beach (very close to some of our properties like Cà de Anna, Cà Patrizia and Cà  Speranza), is right in the center of the village, very easy to reach on foot.

La Salina beach is beautiful with its white dunes on which junipers grow and lilies of San Pancrazio bloom. Facing the Island of San Pietro, protected from many winds, la Salina beach has crystal-clear sea like you never imagined it.

The dunes of La Salina beach in Calasetta offer the amazing show of Pancratii lilium in bloom

Pancratii lilium, a tipycal flower on the dunes

San Pietro Island is probably best enjoyed from the sea rather than land. There are some tiny beaches that are very crowded in the summer. The magnificent coves, cliffs and stacks are more enjoyable if seen from a boat (a dinghy will do), and give you the chance for unforgettable swims.

The must-go beach on the island of San Pietro are La Bobba, and La Caletta, as well as Cala Guidi and Cala Fico (with its fascinating “fjord” of rocks).

La Bobba is considered the must-go beach in Carloforte San Pietro Island

La Bobba Beach in Carloforte San Pietro Island

If you leave the Island of Sant’Antioco, going east/southeast along the Gulf of Palmas, the finest beach of all is Porto Pino with its high, pure white dunes from which you can admire the entire Gulf (and Sant’Antioco seen from Sardinia), and from the other side the ponds abounding in flamingos, wader and migratory birds.

Wonderful Rose Flamingos live in the salters in Sant'Antioco, Calasetta and Carloforte

Flamingos – photo by Giovanni Paulis

If you leave the Island going west/northwest, you come across many beaches all with the view of the massive cliff of Pan di Zucchero (of incomparable beauty at sunset). If you have the patience to go as far as the mining basin of Sulcis Iglesiente to Buggerru, you will be rewarded when you reach the splendor of Cala Domestica, a gorgeous double cove separated by a rock arch.

These beaches are a mere starting point, not a full selection of the many options. The western coast of Sardinia and the Archipelago of Sulcis are of such extreme beauty, it’s hard to decide which corner of this world to love best.

Caladomestica is a white sanded beach with a double cove linked by a rock arch

Cala Domestica ph. by Simonetta Zedda

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