Wild Orchid Safari on Sant’Antioco Island

Guided excursion, picnic lunch, 3 nights accommodation + breakfast for singles, couples or group of during the orchid flowering season (15 of February to 30 April 2015), in Sardinia – Special price€ 299,00/per person (flight and transfer not included).

The offer includes

  • 3 nights accommodation in holiday house for single, couple or group of up to 8 people
  • Essentials breakfast food at home including, coffee, milk, tea, bread, jam, butter, eggs, ham, fruit juice, fresh fruit, cheese
  • One day long excursion to find native orchids in the wild with an English speaking expert guide
  • Typical lunch and soft drinks during the excursion, served in the country house halfway the excursion

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Of the 400 or so orchids of Europe some sixty different species are native to Sardinia.

On the island of Sant’Antioco, especially near Calasetta, there are many species of different generathe native orchids flower between February and April and continue to flower until June in some areas on main Island Sardinia.

Many wild orchids are very rare and at risk of extinction because of the indifference of the masses who do not know about them and fail to appreciate and protect them. Fortunately, the interest of orchid lovers is growing and increasing numbers of nature lovers come from throughout Europe to see and photograph these magnificent specimens in their natural habitat.

Oof the evolutionary pyramid of flowering plants.
Many scholars even think that they are still evolving, as new varieties are constantly being classified because new traits keep on appearing. Wild orchids have developed complex strategies to be attractive to pollinating insects.

They disguise themselves as insects and emit pheromones that send sexual messages to male bees, bumble bees, wasps and flies attracted by their mimicry and vivid colours.

To see wild orchids, all you have to do is walk along the country roads in the midst of the Mediterranean shrubland, along unpaved roads that are nonetheless easy to walk.

Your experienced English-speaking guide will help you appreciate the distribution, traits and qualities of our native orchids in their natural environment.

The landscapes you cross on the hunt for wild orchids are gorgeous and full of other points of interest, from the plant life of the shrubland and the garrique, which changes color and scents with the season, rock quarries and stone sculptures, and then of course sea views that will take your breath away.

The wild herbs, small wildlife of beetles, caterpillars, partridges, small birds, birds of prey (buzzards, kestrels, lesser kestrels and hawks), and even foxes, make these walks an experience of delving into unreined, wild nature, without getting far from the town and its convenience and staying in total safety.

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